L’Artiste Education Series (with English subtitles)

In this Education Series, we hope to share with you the history, mechanism and playing conventions of some of the early instruments. Please Enjoy!







L’Artiste Review 2015-16

In facilitating our role as Ambassadors of Early Music in Hong Kong, we have organised numerous performances and demonstration lectures in various tertiary institutions and schools around the city in the past year.

This is a brief review of what we have done in the past year.



A Very Jazzy Merry Christmas

Video recordings of our concert on 2nd December, 2015 at St. John’s Cathedral, Hong Kong
Jazz Combo Performance
Saxophones: Ken Leung, Kinson Leung
Trumpets: Ethan Sze, Zico Chui
Trombone: Joseph Lee
Keyboard and Bass: Mandy Chu, Lauren Wong
Drums: Fiona Lee



A Kaleidoscope of Early Winds

Video recordings of our concert on 28th October, 2015 at St. John's Cathedral, Hong Kong, featuring a repertoire from the Medieval to Bach.



Saratoga Suite (1st movement)

Here we, L'Artiste, present to you Hans Ulrch Staeps' Recorder trio piece - Saratoga Suite (1st movement), which is the set piece for the 69th Hong Kong Schools Music Festival - Recorder Ensemble (Secondary School) class.
Performed by
Fiona Kizzie Lee, soprano recorder
Mandy Chu, alto recorder
Joseph Lee, tenor recorder