Lee Kwok Ki Joseph

B.A. (Hons.) CUHK
M Mus. Northwestern University
LRSM (London)



Lee Kwok Ki Joseph graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and later pursued his performance studies at Northwestern University in the US. He was given life membership of Pi Kappa Lambda in acknowledgement of his excellent academic results and trombone performance and received a commendation of honour upon graduation of his master’s studies.

After returning to Hong Kong, Joseph has dedicated himself to the establishment of a number of school bands, orchestras and recorder bands. In addition, he has organised courses and taught at the Chinese University School of Continuous Education, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, The Education University of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Art Centre.

Other than teaching, Joseph has also taken up jobs that contribute to the promotion of music education in the city. He is a popular speaker in music appreciation and has given numerous talks for the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra, Hong Kong Music Office, Hong Kong Arts Library, Hong Kong Museum of History and many local primary and secondary schools. Other jobs of Joseph’s include producing and conducting radio programmes on music appreciation for RTHK Radio 4 and editing classical CDs and writing listening guides for bestselling classical compilation titles, including “Why”, “Why Klavier” and “Passport to Music”.

In addition to giving lectures and lessons, Joseph also possesses an impressive repertoire in performance. He regularly holds solo trombone performances throughout Hong Kong and has been playing with local and international groups, including the Moscow Symphony Orchestra, Boston Symphony Orchestra, Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra and the Hong Kong Sinfonietta. In the 1990s, he established the T-Bone Party, a trombone quartet, and later, the Joseph Lee Brass Ensemble, with which he gave performances in various venues in the city.

Since the Millennium, Joseph has dedicated himself to the performance of the recorder, and has been awarded the LRSM. In 2005, he established the recorder ensemble L’Art du Bois, hoping to contribute in bringing the instrument and its music to the public, especially the young generations, by giving concerts and recitals in schools and various venues in the territory.

For the past ten years, Joseph has sought every opportunity to enrich his knowledge in early music through attending early music festivals, masterclasses and courses every summer. As he explored more and more about the music from the Medieval to Renaissance Period, he felt the urge to introduce these underappreciated repertories to the audience of Hong Kong. In 2013, Joseph established the L’Artiste, hoping to present to the local music lovers the wonders of early western music and the early music instruments rarely seen in the local scene.








Fiona Kizzie Lee
B.A. (Hons.) CUHK
M Mus. King’s College London
FRSM (Dist.), LRSM (Dist.), LTCL (Dist.)

Fiona Lee is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Medieval and Renaissance music at the prestigious Schola Cantorum Basiliensis, studying Medieval recorder and keyboards with Corina Marti and shawm with Ian Harrison.

In 2016, after having graduated with a first-class honours degree in Music from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Fiona was granted both the Jockey Club Music and Dance Fund 2016/17 and the Hong Kong Scholarship for Excellence 2016-17 to pursue a Master’s degree in Music (Musicology) at King’s College London, in which she graduated with Distinction in November 2017.

During every year of her undergraduate studies at the Chinese University, she was awarded the Dean’s List, in addition to numerous awards for her excellent academic performance, including the Academic Creativity Award (2015) for her Musicology thesis, the Departmental Prize of the Music Department (CUHK, 2016), the Methodist WDSC Scholarship (2014/15), as well as the Sir Edward Youde Memorial Prize in 2012. 

In 2015, Fiona delivered papers on early 17th century Italian music at the 3rd Biennial Meeting of the East Asian Regional Association of the International Musicological Society and in 2016, in the 17th Biennial International Conference on Baroque Music in Canterbury, U.K. 

While being an active performer on various early musical instruments, Fiona specialises on the recorder, and has obtained distinction in the LTCL, LRSM and FRSM. She has also won runner-up positions in the Parsons Scholarship for Wind, Brass and Percussion Instruments for 4 times, thus helping to raise the profile of the instrument among the local audience. In the international scene, Fiona has performed her own piece “The Story of Hong Kong” at the Asian Recorder Festival 2013 held in Osaka, Japan. She has also played in the master classes of world renowned masters of the instrument, including Peter Holslag, Dan Laurin, Han Tol and Kees Boeke. 

Fiona is the co-music director of L’Artiste, the only group specialising in music from the Medieval to the Baroque Period, and takes up the responsibility as the ambassador for promoting early music in Hong Kong. Together with L’Artiste, Fiona has frequently performed in local universities and various venues across the city, including the University of Hong Kong, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, the University of Science and Technology, the Baptist University and the Education University of Hong Kong.