Established in September 2016, L’Artiste Gala, the new generation of L’Artiste, comprises a corps of young music enthusiasts.

After launching the “Education Video Series” in June 2016, L’Artiste started another long-term project in September of the same year - L’Artiste Gala, in which we now shoulder the responsibility to train our next generation, through recruiting new members currently studying at different universities in Hong Kong.

As the recorder is the best medium to acquire techniques of ensemble playing and various styles of music-making from the early periods, all members of L’Artiste Gala receive regular and ample training on the instrument. In addition, each of them also specialises in at least one more instrument from the Medieval and the Renaissance Periods.

Core members of the L’Artiste rehearse and perform regularly with the new members, and a refreshed sound of L'Artiste can be achieved with the new incorporation – as many more combinations of ensembles are now made possible.